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Accelerate Your Freight

Teamhouse provide expert international customs and freight forwarding services to large and small companies. We are an integral part of our clients export and import departments, offering custom tailored freight logistics solutions for a wide variety of cargo. We endeavour to give value for money to clients as we try to improve on the ease of doing business with our clients. We assure you that our turnaround time of processing papers would be satisfactory and cost effective. We also undertake to give timely updates on shipment status and to respond timely and accurately to our clients’ queries. We undertake to conduct ourselves in a professional manner in all our dealings with the clients.

Delivering the best solutions to you

We strive for an effective way of doing business between our team of experts and our clients to deliver the best service everytime.

We work directly with our customers to provide the best solution for you.

Our expertise with global customs clearance makes us more efficient in Zimbabwe.

We have extensive network of dedicated and shared warehousing for any business

Registering your business in Zimbabwe is a seamless process with us.

Your business is  always in right hand with our team of experts to help you grow.

Zimbabwe’s most trusted vehicle registration service that delivers the best.

Company Registration Services

Register your NEXT BIG IDEA with the best.

Have a great business idea you need to take to the next level

Driving success at the largest companies

Take a look at some of the companies we are working with making a big impact in different industries locally and internationally.

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About Teamhouse

We specialize in customs clearing, warehousing.tax procedures, company registrations, vehicle registration, …

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